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hi guys! i am the noobiest noob on livejournal. that's because i'm usually on youtube.

and this is my crappy channel. behold. \o/

i like friends! but please comment on this post if you wish to be added, with the following answered:

1) who are you?
2) why are you adding me?
3) what's something interesting about you? (your answer to this need not be related to your answer to question 2)

thank you! ^^

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enjoy your stay here!
Track my EXO song challenge progress here! :D

The Challenge: Cover every EXO song!

Listed by album releases and subject to change ^^"

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hi there :D

here's a quick set of guidelines for conducting a musical analysis on any piece of music you come across ^^ this model was created by my very awesome music teacher (lots of credit to him, mr seow aik keong - if you can, do look him up! ^^) and is usually used for classical music, but it should really work for all genres.

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i know some people are probably gonna kill me for this, but i honestly think shinee’s release of why so serious was a huge step towards greater musical development in k-pop.

maybe it’s because the track itself was written by kenzie (who i swear is one of my all time favourite songwriters – plus she went to berklee which is like the music college of my dreams ;_____;) and her berklee education kinda shows through her work in why so serious, with the nifty chords and modulations and all.

seriously though, especially as someone with a musical background, i was thoroughly excited and kept on my toes throughout the song because every musical quirk had me smiling. pure creativity at it’s best, really ^^ and kenzie is total loveeeeeeee

this analysis is going to be more of a breakdown of chords and keys, because in my opinion there’s probably something significant about the use of keys in why so serious since modulations are abundant in the song. so this is pretty different from my analysis of mama.

with this post, i’m more of seeking to open everyone’s eyes as listeners, and less of wanting to show how everything ties in together with the concept. hope you don’t mind! >.<

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my favourite songs ^^

teehee i don't think many people will see this but oh wells ^^~

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vocal range (or what i think it is)

a few people have asked me questions about vocal range, so here are my answers! or attempted answers, rather. ^^"

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smtown live in singapore!

smtown live was held in singapore on the evening of the 23rd of november! i was fortunate enough to have been able to go, so i went with my parents (they're pretty gung-ho hahas) and i had a great time screaming myself hoarse :D

so here's a post about my experience plus a bit of a review too! ^^ (in chronological order)

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a musical analysis of mama by exo

because ;_______;

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okay as a music student i inevitably analyze the songs i listen to. and honestly, if i were to judge k-pop songs solely by their chords, i would hate k-pop. in fact i would hate most mainstream music (because no one today has chords as nifty as bach, period).

but when i heard exo's mama, i knew it was a very different song (note that i didn't say "k-pop song", but "song"). given the context of the single along with exo's image/concept, the music thoroughly enhanced the meaning of the lyrics, which is something that doesn't happen in a lot of songs nowadays.

thus begins my descent into the madness of musical analysis. brace yourselves, comrades!

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